Scarless Thyroidectomy

Scarless Thyroidectomy

What is scarless thyroidectomy ( transoral thyroidectomy vestibular approach)?

It’s an innovative technique in which the thyroid nodule is removed through a small incision in the inner surface of the lower lip. The surgeon uses endoscopic instruments to remove the thyroid nodule through this small incision. This incision completely disappears in 3 months. There is no scar on the neck.

In addition to providing excellent cosmetic results, this technique is also associated with lesser pain as compared to other robotic techniques as the surgeon takes the shortest possible route to the thyroid.

What are the indications for scarless thyroidectomy?

  1. Thyroid nodule less than 6cm in size
  2. Benign or indeterminate FNAC
  3. Strong patient preference to avoid scar over the neck

Is this a safe surgery?

Besides the cosmetic benefits, the procedure is as safe as traditional thyroid surgery, in appropriately selected patients and when performed by an expert thyroid surgeon.

Can i eat or talk after the surgery?

You are allowed to take liquids on the same evening and normal diet from the next day. There is no restriction on talking

When will I be discharged?

You will be discharged 48 hours from the surgery.

What is the benefit of this surgery over the traditional thyroidectomy?

The true benefit is the avoidance of scar over the neck.

What will my neck / the scar look like the following surgery?

The incision is on the inner surface of the lower lip. It heals quickly and completely disappears by three months. There is no scar on the neck

This procedure is invaluable in patients concerned about the social stigma associated with a scar in the neck.

Before SurgeryDay 7 after surgery – neck
Before SurgeryDay 2 after surgery
Day 7 after surgery – Stitches in the inner side of the lower lip3 months after surgery – no scar

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